Swadians are ruled by King Harlaus.

The Swadians vassals are called lords.

Swadia is the oldest faction in the game, as it has been around since version 0.202.

As a starting point, the Kingdom of Swadia is profitable as it is close to all of the other factions. This means that you can easily venture into any other nation and buy Goods, then return and sell them in any Swadian town. Swadian lands are relatively safe for trade routes, the most common bandits being the weak Forest Bandits, with occasional Mountain Bandits near the river at the frontier with the Rhodoks. The downside of starting in Swadia is that it has no specially priced goods of its own.

Rulers Edit

King Harlaus
Starting Information
Kingdom Swadians
Monarch King Harlaus
Title Monarch
Gender Male

Vassals Edit

Lord Klargus,Lord Plais,Lord Mirchaud,Lord Courin,Lord Ryis,Lord Meltor,Lord Beranz,Lord Rafard,Lord Regas,Lord Grainwad,Lord Despin,Lord Montewar,Lord Clais,Lord Deglan,Lord Tredian.